Tuesday in Japan Release Surprise Surf Rock Single!

Tuesday in japan just released a surprise lo-fi surf rock flavored single on Rain Dragon Records that is guaranteed to get you stoked for summer.

The single is titled “Splashing in The Waves” & it comes with a extended tropical house remix version by Beach Brat.

Both versions of the song make you feel like your living in one of those hipster vans parked by a sandy beach as your watching the sunset with your bff.


Rain Dragon Records Partners With The Disability Foundation Of Vancouver.

From now on when you purchase any music from Rain Dragon Records (A small indie label out of British Columbia , Canada) you can feel good knowing that at least $1 is going to helping people with disabilities.

CEO Troy Ounce met with the board of the Disability Foundation yesterday afternoon and finalized a partnership / collaboration that will also likely involve releasing some of the music from artists of the VANCOUVER ADAPTED MUSIC SOCIETY as well as doing some live events in the summer months working with the talented musicians of V.A.M.S & providing any technical support or help with set-ups.

Check out Rain Dragon Records Here: https://raindragonrecords.bandcamp.com

Follow The Disability Foundation On Twitter: https://twitter.com/DisabilityFdn