Tsugnarly’s New Album ‘Fishscale’ Is Everything A Surf Punk Could Ask For.

Tsugnarly is not for the weak & they prove that on this new record FISHSCALE.


Surf Curse Are Back In Action! New Album + Tour Dates!

I Don’t need to tell you who Surf Curse are cause you probably have already heard of them… What I will tell you is that they are BACK! & currently on tour promoting their new album “Nothing Yet”.

Tuesday In Japan Reveal Their New Sound With Song From Upcoming Demo!

Tuesday in Japan (Vancouver indie/electronic musicians) have revealed a brand new sound with a song from their upcoming demo & its nothing like anything they have done before.

or is it?

if you were one of their soundcloud followers in the past 8 months you would’ve seen a few nods to pop punk, industrial & alternative rock with some of their vaporwavey/chop and screw like edits of marilyn manson , sum 41 & placebo.

it seems T.I.J simply grew bored of making edits and decided to pick up their guitars, turn on their amps and let loose!

Troy Ounce Debut Album ‘Worst Fears’

Troy Ounce (Singer of Raincity Ghouls) recently released his debut solo album.

The record is a 12 song story about a period in his life when he had lost love & was battling opiate addiction.

Troy has told us he has now found love again & has been clean of opiates & hard drugs since 2014 after attending a funeral for a close friend that had died from drugs.

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