Surf Curse Are Back In Action! New Album + Tour Dates!

I Don’t need to tell you who Surf Curse are cause you probably have already heard of them… What I will tell you is that they are BACK! & currently on tour promoting their new album “Nothing Yet”.


Tuesday In Japan Reveal Their New Sound With Song From Upcoming Demo!

Tuesday in Japan (Vancouver indie/electronic musicians) have revealed a brand new sound with a song from their upcoming demo & its nothing like anything they have done before.

or is it?

if you were one of their soundcloud followers in the past 8 months you would’ve seen a few nods to pop punk, industrial & alternative rock with some of their vaporwavey/chop and screw like edits of marilyn manson , sum 41 & placebo.

it seems T.I.J simply grew bored of making edits and decided to pick up their guitars, turn on their amps and let loose!

Sonny Moore is Officially Back in ‘From First To Last’!

Our wishes have come true! Sonny is officially back in From First To Last!

FFTL just recently released a new single with sonny but it was unclear if it was just a one time collaboration or if it was an official new line up they were revealing with sonny. Just as we hoped sonny is back in the band.

Sonny is also currently working on music with incubus & deftones as well.

Troy Ounce Is Turning His Debut Album ‘Worst Fears’ Into A Play.

Troy Ounce (Canadian singer-songwriter & CEO of Rain Dragon Records) announced yesterday in a tweet that he will be making his debut album ‘Worst Fears’ come to life in a live theatrical performance sometime this year.

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Rain Dragon Records Partners With The Disability Foundation Of Vancouver.

From now on when you purchase any music from Rain Dragon Records (A small indie label out of British Columbia , Canada) you can feel good knowing that at least $1 is going to helping people with disabilities.

CEO Troy Ounce met with the board of the Disability Foundation yesterday afternoon and finalized a partnership / collaboration that will also likely involve releasing some of the music from artists of the VANCOUVER ADAPTED MUSIC SOCIETY as well as doing some live events in the summer months working with the talented musicians of V.A.M.S & providing any technical support or help with set-ups.

Check out Rain Dragon Records Here:

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The Bad Plants – Nerve Damage [1982] (Album)

A lovely bunch of punk rock & roll songs From 1982 sent to us by the Punk Rock Opera.