5 Underground Bands To Watch In 2017

Here is a list of artists to watch in 2017.

1. DahL

DahL is an aggressive experimental rock band fusing elements of electronic music to create a fresh sound. The energy and restlessness in the music matches up with how lots of us in the world are feeling with basically living on the brink of a nuclear war.

2. Surf Curse

Surf Curse are a lo-fi indie surf rock band that have been making quite a bit of noise in the underground scene for a few years now. recently they put out a brand new record & have been performing live all over the united states. If you claim to like indie surf rock & Surf Curse come to your city.. dont be a tosser… get up off your ass and go see them!

3. Beach Goons

Much like Surf Curse, Beach Goons also have been making lots of noise in the underground scene for the past few years. Beach Goons have a raw energy that has been lacking in modern punk rock bands for quite sometime. Most of the time you get a band that sounds too “pop” or it sounds too “thrashy” but these guys meet right in the middle a deliver fun songs that are great to either drink beer & skateboard to or sit on the couch and make-out with your girlfriend.

4. Troy Ounce

Troy Ounce is the artist behind a few underground projects.. He is the frontman of ‘Raincity Ghouls’, plays guitar in ‘Tuesday in Japan’ & also DJ’s under the alias ‘Beach Brat’. All of Troy’s projects are unique in their way but it is his solo project that is what to really watch out for in 2017. His debut album “Worst Fears” is a gripping story of love loss, loneliness & drug addiction that will hit home for anyone that has gone through pain of that sort.

5. Listener

Listener has been around for years but recently they just recorded an album that should be released sometime soon & judging by their live videos they have gotten more heavy with the use of distorted guitars and bass so their new record will probably have a different sound but if you know anything about listener.. then you know.. its probably going to be amazing.


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