The Last Days (Demo) By Hivemind is Beautiful, Emotionally Charged Hardcore.

Hivemind is a Calgary based Hardcore band that makes beautiful ‘mathy’ emotive hardcore that takes you back to 2005.

Hivemind’s Last Days Demo is refreshing & available for name your price!


Keeper Of The Flame. A Beautiful, Raw & Incredibly Interesting Film On Johnny Hendrix, The Son Of Jimi Hendrix.

Keeper Of The Flame is a beautiful, raw & incredibly interesting documentary film on the first born son of Rock & Roll legend Jimi Hendrix. Directed by Canadian singer-songwriter & music producer Troy Ounce.

The film takes you on along on what seems like a regular night out with Johnny Hendrix. Throughout the documentary he tells incredible stories from his childhood & also gives a rare acoustic performance.

Only Underground: Surf Punk Classics!

Summer may be gone but the surf is still up! and for those of you who are not little whimps when it comes to the cold water we have a kick ass surf punk playlist for you featuring Raincity Ghouls, Tiki Creeps, The Pukes & Beach Brat!

Listen HERE!

Ride For Rain Release Debut Album ‘Life’s A Beach’!

Ride For Rain are an Australian pop punk band that has been on their grind for a few years now & we have been keeping a close watch waiting patiently for their debut album & its finally here!

if you like good ol’ fashioned fun in the sun pop punk.. this album is for you!

The New Record From SHEER MAG is A Modern Punk Rock Masterpiece!

SHEER MAG have been at the top of the Bandcamp punk rock charts for at least a couple summers now. This summer they have decided to release a brand new album
‘Need To Feel Your Love’. The album is packed with 12 songs that are classic SHEER MAG sound transporting you back to the days when soundcloud & youtube didnt exist & the only way you found new music was going out to punk shows in your community.

Raincity Ghouls Give Filter’s 90’s Hit ‘Take A Picture’ A Punk Rock Makeover.

Raincity Ghouls have been laying low the past few months playing the odd show at some dive bar in their area while not really releasing any new music since their instrumental surf punk EP ‘Curb Sharks’ they put out last summer on Rain Dragon Records. Finally they are back with a kick ass cover of ‘Take A Picture’.